Monday, 5 October 2009

Doing horribly at updating this, I'm refusing to let it die so I'm going to try and do something off the top of my head with no real direction. Insect Warfare went well, we played mediocre but fun was definitely had by all. Spoonful of Vicodin are incredibly nice guys, we'll be keeping in contact with them. I would post up a link to their 7" but they need the support, so if you want to get hold of their stuff then give Sam at Keep Screaming Records a message here. While you are at it check out the release they are on This Comp Kills Fascists, pretty easy to get hold of/steal whatever, I'm sure a lot of people will have this already.

  1. Agents of Satan - "Joe Ryder (Doomryder)"
  2. Agents of Satan - "Rape 'em All and let God Sort 'em Out
  3. Agents of Satan - "Skrote Skin Mask"
  4. Agents of Satan - "Kill for Baloff"
  5. Weekend Nachos - "Prioritize"
  6. Weekend Nachos - "If You Come Near"
  7. Weekend Nachos - "Scars"
  8. Weekend Nachos - "Worthless Words"
  9. Kill The Client - "False Flag Attack"
  10. Kill The Client - "Triple Six Bastard"
  11. Kill The Client - "Shithouse Lawyer"
  12. Spoonful Of Vicodin - "Totally Brutal News Exposure"
  13. Spoonful Of Vicodin - "Designer Track Marks"
  14. Spoonful Of Vicodin - "I Don't Lift Weights or Drive an SUV (Because I'm Comfy with My Genitalia)"
  15. Spoonful Of Vicodin - "Put That in Your Pipe and Smoke It"
  16. Spoonful Of Vicodin - "Our Explanations are Longer than Our Songs"
  17. Spoonful Of Vicodin - "Confession Booth Gloryhole"
  18. Maruta - "Behind the Steel Curtain"
  19. Maruta - "Chemical Tomb"
  20. Insect Warfare - "Information Economy"
  21. Insect Warfare - "Cellgraft"
  22. Insect Warfare - "Disassembler"
  23. Insect Warfare - "Career of Oppression"
  24. Shitstorm - "Paranoid Existence"
  25. Shitstorm - "Burning Alive"
  26. Shitstorm - "Brainwashed"
  27. Shitstorm - "Victim"
  28. Shitstorm - "Controlling"
  29. Shitstorm - "Mince Meat Human"
  30. Man Will Destroy Himself - "Fuse"
  31. Man Will Destroy Himself - "Empty"
  32. Total Fucking Destruction - "Human is the Bastard"
  33. Total Fucking Destruction - "In the Process of Connecting Thinking Errors"
  34. Total Fucking Destruction - "Welcome to the Fascist Corporate Wastelands of America Part One"
  35. Chainsaw to the Face - "Hating Life"
  36. Chainsaw to the Face - "Skewered"
  37. Chainsaw to the Face - "Burnt to Death"
  38. Chainsaw to the Face - "Ripped in Half"
  39. Magrudergrind - "Inevitable Progression"
  40. Magrudergrind - "Heavy Bombing"
  41. Magrudergrind - "Burden"
  42. Brutal Truth - "Forever in a Daze"
  43. Brutal Truth - "You Should Know Better"
  44. Brutal Truth - "Dogs of War"
  45. Brutal Truth - "Turmoil"
  46. A.S.R.A - "Chytridiomycosis"
  47. A.S.R.A - "Cancer"
  48. A.S.R.A - "Pig Squealer"
  49. Wasteoid - "Drink in Hand"
  50. Wasteoid - "Bangover"
  51. Wasteoid - "Hancuffed and Fucked"
Download here.

Until The Night Takes Us opens at Raindance film festival on the 7th October (this Thursday), it looks interesting, I don't think I will go, but I probably should.

I have tickets for Slayer on 25th November, only the second time I've seen them and the first time was in 2002, I know, it's fucking criminal, but I've slept on it so fuck off.

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