Friday, 19 February 2010

Braid - Frame and Canvas.

So this album came to my attention a good 6 years ago now I would say. I remember when I was 14 and going to shows I met this girl and this guy who were a couple, I think they guy was about 3 years older than me and she was about one maybe? I can't even really remember. Anyway, I really wanted to be in a band at this point and these guys wanted to start one up, and they cited Braid as their main influence. I didn't have a fucking clue who they were so they gave me a CD, and I wont lie, when I first heard it I thought it was the gayest shit ever, I just wanted to listen to Canaan and didn't have time to be a pussy. I dug it out about 2 years later or so and realised it's a brilliant record, 2 years too late really. But yeah, there's the story behind that. Really awesome mid 90's emo, get on it.

download it HERE.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

This is Bjork's place. She was given to it by the Icelandic government for her 'outstanding contribution to Icelandic culture". I want this house.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

The Yeh-Yeh Girl From Paris.

Recently, my mind has been wondering into pretty weird places music wise. The most recent thing that I've really, really got into is 60's french pop, specifically female French singers. It started by finding an album by France Gall called Baby Pop, it's absolutely perfect. The appeal to me is definitely the way the French accent sounds, it's very infectious. I'm going to shut up pretending to know what I'm talking about and put a link up to a record by Francoise Hardy called "The Yeh-Yeh Girl From Paris".

download here.

I like this record a lot. Wow, 3 posts in one day.


The only reason I'm really updating this is because I should be adapting a short story into a script but I really do not want to do it. So it goes...

In a few days time I'm going to Prague which I am incredibly excited about, it's the first time I've ever been on a proper holiday, I never really went places with my family or otherwise. So this is going to be pretty special in that respect. Expect photographs of a million things you wont be interested in to surface on here.

I came across this video via a post from a friend the other day. I find it an incredible piece of documentary film making, well paced, emotional and beautifully shot. If I had a spare 3 million I'd snap up his collection in a shot.

The Archive from Sean Dunne on Vimeo.

You can also check out other pieces by Sean Dunne by clicking his name under the video.

That's about it really.