Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Back to Kent...

So I've finally moved out of my old flat on Bethnal Green Road, as much as at the beginning we all loved it, I hate the place now. It's like living on the sun inside an oven thats being fucked by a volcano. Now I find myself in Kent for just under 3 weeks with no money and nothing to do, I can't imagine this being very excited. I can't even move in my tiny room here due to my clutter being absolutely everywhere, it's going to be odd sleeping in a single bed for a long period of time also. However, I had waiting for me when i arrived home the Travis Millard print that I have mentioned before, and it's much more impressive in real life. Anyway, music I guess...


I remember first hearing about DS-13 from Sweden when a a short lived but real fucking goodband called The Outpatients played a cover of them. I decided to check them out and they have proved to be one of my favourite thrash punk/fastcore bands to date. If you like hardcore punk in any way, you will love this. Download here.

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