Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Shitty english metal
Getting drunk and spending money on my card
Shitty english hardcore
Boring people
Perfume adverts
That fucking Asda christmas advert
My inability to budget
My inability to not put other people before me
People who don't like Slayer
People who act serious in clubs
Terry the cat
The fact I just spent so much money on other people
Sam Swift
Loud eaters
Loud breathers
People who sing absolutely fucking EVERYTHING they hear
People who don't do fucking anything and just sit around in their house.

My love of every girl ever continues...

Last night was ridiculous, involved an intimidating drum & bass night, a crackhouse, a harmonica and someone harboring the knowledge of a new genre of music he made up, but he wouldn't tell us what it was in case we stole it. Got my christmas shopping out the way for the first time ever, so yeah...

I don't understand Enya, at all.

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